Anonymous inquired Why what would you do with some of that gum?? Would you chew it? lmao


Anonymous inquired haha I just want to say something totally random, I WISH that gum was real! The gum that made Violet swell up into a big fat blueberry, I would use it to make sooooo many girls bloat up all round like her! LMAO MUWAHAHAHAHA


Anonymous inquired LMAO omg hannah I just imagined you walking down the street and you suddenly start to swell up or inflate like a blueberry! Not in a mean way haha omg sorry it was amazing tho!

Wow, yeah it sounds totally amazing. Like I can’t even right now

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Anonymous inquired LMAO but didn’t they say Violet was going to swell too big and explode?! :( What’s wrong with being inflated into a big huge balloon? lol

Dont you remember the ending where they all leave? she obviously didn’t explode and die.
And I dont want to float away like a balloon…
these are by far the weirdest anons ever haha