I changed up my tumblr a little, Its a lot easier to navigate.
and if you asked me questions i have a place where you can go back and look at them now!

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" I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations. "
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Anonymous inquired Oh my god you are just so perfect! Your weight, size, hair, face, eyebrows, and everything! How many tattoos do you have besides the one on your leg?

:D thank you! That makes me feel so good!
I have three tattoos! Leg, under boob/ rib, and back.

Anonymous inquired You and James are such a power couple. I wish you would write more about your guys relationship more.

Are we a power couple? Haha well I’m going to accept that compliment. Thank you! I actually think im going to start a new blog and do more writing and such! If I do I’ll post it on here for you to follow! (: